Frantz Voltaire. Professor, author, producer, director. Master of Arts in Political Science at Flacso in Chili. Master of Arts in International Relations at Université du Québec (UQAM) in Québec, Canada, and Doctoral studies at the Université de Montréal. Bachelor of Arts in History at Universidad de Chili. Conducted lectures and conferences in various universities in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Chili, Mexico, Argentina, Japan and all over the Caribbean. Published works: Black Power in Haiti and A Brief History of Blacks in Canada. Produced and co-directed Puerto Príncipe mío (Potoprens se pa’m) 2000 and produced Del Cafetal a la Tumba Francesa. Directed documentaries such as: Les Chemins de la mémoire 2002; Au nom du Père… Duvalier 2004; Maestro Issa (2008) and Manno Charlemagne – Konviksyon 2010. Recipient of Brazil Cora Coralina Award; Caribbean Award 2004. Founder of the Human Rights Film Festival in Montreal and was Chief of Staff for Haitian Prime Minister Robert Malval. Member of the Montreal Art Council. Chairman and founder of CIDIHCA 1983. Publisher for Editions Cidihca.

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