L'Union Fait La Force


For Haiti,
For the Ewo Lakay,
For the children of 1804,

We are pleased to launch ELAP 1804 which we are hoping will constitute our First Virtual Haitian Global Village.

ELAP1804 will house:

  1. Haitians born in Haiti and abroad; and
  2. Children of Haitians born abroad.

The time has come for Haiti to be re-introduced to the world!  Scattered over the world, ELAP1804 will be the common platform for Haitians born in and out of Haiti outside of all GOVERNMENTS, POLITICS, POLITICAL PARTIES AND RELIGIONS.

ELAP1804 is the website where Haitians will be listed in a manner as to keep all of us first informed about our achievements in Haiti and around the world.

ELAP1804 celebrates Haiti and Haitians only.

Haiti and Haitians will regain respect and dignity as a people because individual victories will be gathered there to represent us in a juster and verifiable manner.

ELAP 1804 aims at utilizing our resources – human and financial – to touch the lives of Haitians in Haiti and abroad by bringing together all the children of Haiti around what matters most to us: Haiti for and with Haitians only.

Why and Who

This website is for and about Haiti, Haitians, the development and migration of the people, the structure of the culture and the rise of a new movement.

Please join us – YES ALL Haitians – in celebrating a people of pride, dignity, respect assaulted in deeds and words since 1804.

To know who and where we are, we must gather in an open place where all that matters is that WE ARE Haitians (directly or indirectly) to exchange ideas and rebuild the country.

This website is APOLITICAL and will exist OUTSIDE of all governments.  

It will reunite families, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, colleagues, etc.

  • Arts all-inclusive of music, dancing, paintings and sculptures and entertainment.
  • Food main dish, fruits and vegetables, juices. Soups and sauces.
  • Fashion and fabrics. Traditional dance attire
  • Folklore and stories (story-tellers) that have been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Religions and voodoo

Join Us

$12 to sign up/and contribute to help maintain and/or build the place where you or your ancestry are from.

  • Maintenance, restoration or construction will be done with the participation of the people living in the towns under our and your supervision and with your input.
  • Build or rebuild or maintain the infrastructure.
  • Help in developing jobs.
  • Incentives for natives to repay small loans.
  • Small loans to promote self sufficiency and sustainability
  • Reforestation
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Here is where your $24/year comes in!

In Haiti

  • Create and support school transportation for children.
  • Support, create and maintain the schools, playgrounds and parks.
  • Organize health fairs in remote villages.
  • Support, innovate, build a strong public health care system.
  • Build, restore and support all health related facilities.
  • Restore monuments.
  • Maintain, restore or build a marketplace to support the community as well as Mom and Pop stores.
  • Encourage agricultural endeavors from the locals to meet basic nutrition needs.
  • Promote and create programs for Elderly and Children
  • Select a date every six months for people to stop all activities and clean the city.

Health in Haiti

  • Public health education
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Public health research
  • Research in cardiovascular diseases: heart attacks, strokes, etc. leading to prevention and education
  • Mental health issues to be addressed


Haitian House in your place of residence

  • To create a neutral space where elderly will teach Creole to the youth  while they too will teach the elderly how to speak a foreign language.
  • Retirees will speak to the youth about life and their experience
  • Musicians and artists will pass on their knowledge to the youth.
  • Retired football, basketball, soccer players etc. will promote and teach the youth how to play.
  • Folktales, cric crac, ronde, hand games, marbles, sek (roule sek), etc.
  • Women can teach children how to “perler”, saw, embroidery, etc.
  • Artists will display their work or perform, folklore dancers will give dance lessons.
  • Social workers, teachers, nutritionists, physicians, nurses,  will assist both generation.
  • Motivational speakers will address both generations.
  • Youth will introduce elderly to technological advances.
  • Literacy program.
  • House for abused women and men abused.

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