Teacher, Dancer. Founder of The Vivianne Gauthier Dance School  – 1950. Dance teacher in several schools; 50 years with Les Soeurs de Sacre Coeur, 21 years with Les Soeurs de Saint-François d’Assise, 18 years with Ecole Elie Dubois, 15 years with the Immaculate Conception College, and 10 years with Les Soeurs de la Sagesse. Taught dance at the National School of Arts. Pioneer of physical culture programs on a musical background on public television. Recipient of several awards and distinctions during her lifetime in recognition of her work in dance in Haiti: Knight and Officer of the National Order of Labor by Presidents Duvalier, Honors and Acknowledgments of Value, Tribute of the Ministry of Culture for 60 years of artistic life, Honor and Merit of the Night of Tributes of the TNH ect..


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