Specialist in linguistic planning and institutional communications.  Obtained his degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal.  Worked for 14 years at the Office de la langue française du Québec (OLF) where he was in charge of the terminolinguistic cooperation program between the OLF and the Canadian universities, a program which consisted of setting up the bank of Quebec terminology (BTQ, today Large Terminology Dictionary, SLM) and its methodology of research in these institutions.  Taught linguistics and communication at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics (FLA) at the State University of Haiti and at Quisqueya University in Port-au-Prince. At the Faculty of Applied Linguistics (FLA). In 1987, under the mandate of the Government of Quebec and the Office of the French Language (OLF), he conceptualized and led a mission to the Faculty of Applied Linguistics (FLA) which resulted in the conclusion of a major agreement linguistic cooperation between Quebec and Haiti in the field of training and management of terminology projects. This agreement has also enabled Haiti to become a member of RINT (International Network of Neology and Terminology).


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