Patrick Paultre. Engineer, author. PhD. in Civil Engineering at McGill University. Professor of structural engineering and Canada Research Chair on Earthquake Engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke. Director of the Centre d’infrastructures sismiques majeures interuniversitaire du Québec (CISMIQ). Director of the Centre d’études interuniversitaire des structures sous charges extrêmes (CEISCE). Member and technical secretary of the CSA A23.3 Design of Concrete Structures Standard Committee. Member of a number of committees of the ACI, the ASCE, the Fib and the IABSE. Author of the book Dynamique des structures published by Hermes Lavoisier in France and of the book Dimensionnement des structures en béton. Pioneer of the experimental assessment of the dynamic behaviour of dams. Founder and Director of the Centre de recherche en génie parasismique et en dynamique des structures.

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