Jean-Joseph Moisset. Professor, author. Master’s Degree and PhD in Political Economics – Magna cum laude – from Université de Fribourg, in Switzerland. B.A. in Social Sciences at the Teacher’s School of Haiti. Advisor at the Ministry of Education and Member of the Board of Université Quisqueya, in Port-au-Prince. Former Professor-Researcher of Economics at Universite de Laval 1978-1987. Professor Emeritus conferred by Universite de Laval. Made outstanding contributions to education in Montreal and Haiti. Contributed to several researches and projects on education in Morocco, Congo-Brazzaville and Haiti. Published works: La gestion des ressources humaines pour la réussite scolaire with G. Mérisier; Coût, financement et qualité de l’éducation en Haïti, with J.P. Brunel; Culture et transformation des organisations en éducation.

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