offensive midfielder. Victory Sportif Club 1971-1974; U20 Haitian National 1972-1973; The Haitian National 1974-1975 FHF; NY Apolo 1976 USSL; Dalmatinak 1976-1978 (Super League); journeyman with NY Cosmos 1977; WAshington Diplomat 1978 and Seattle 1979; Les Piquets 1975-1984 Haitian League; NY Metro 1984-1990 Cosmopolotan League; Coaching Brentwood Youth Soccer LIJL; US Club Soccer Federation, 2013 to present.
Jerrod Laventure, forward for Seton Hall University, New York Red Bulls and Jersey Express.
Nerilia Mondesir, midfielder, No. 10 for the FHF, currently playing for Montpellier, France.

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