Dédée Bazile was born near Cap-Français to enslaved parents and serve the army of Dessalines. There are varying accounts of her mental problem. But according to legend, she either developed mental illness after she was raped by her master at age 18, or after some of her family members were killed in the defeat of Dessalines’s army by General Donatien Rochambeau. On October 17, 1806, Emperor Dessalines was ambushed by his former comrades Alexandre Pétion, Jean-Pierre Boyer, André Rigaud, and Bruno Blanchet and was fatally shot North of Port-au- Prince. His body was then brought into the city where it was stoned and mutilated by the crowds. Dédée Bazile gathered the remains of the Emperor in a sack and transported them to the Cimetière Intérieur of Port-au-Prince and buried them.
Dédée Bazile died around 1816 and was buried in Port-au-Prince, but her grave has been lost. She is survived by her several children including her son Colonel Condol Bazile, officer of the constabulary under the Haitian president Faustin Soulouque. She is considered one of the four symbolic heroines of the independence of Haiti, alongside Sanité Bélair, Catherine Flon, and Cécile Fatiman.

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