Cécile Fatiman was the daughter of an enslaved African woman and a white Frenchman from Corsica. She and her mother were sold as slaves at Saint Domingue, while her two brothers disappeared in the slave trade. Fatiman was married to Louis Michel Pierrot, a general in the Haitian revolutionary army and later president and had 3 children.
Fatiman was a “mambo,” a voodoo priestess, and took part in the “Bois Caiman” ceremony in August 1991. According to her great-grandson, she was a 16 years old priestess when she took part at this ceremony. She emerges by Boukman’s side in the heart of the Bois Caïman ceremony by slaughtering an animal dedicated to the gods of Africa. She is reported to have lived to the age of 112 in Cap-Haitian.


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