Caonabo was a Carib Cacique of the Cibao region on Hispaniola Island at the time Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. He was well known and feared for his skills and bravery in combat. When Columbus tried to land on the north coast of the island (now known as Punta Flecha), he suffered an attack of arrows and was pursued by Caonabo. The attack forced the Europeans to disembark in the south of the island near where Bartolomé Columbus founded the city of Santo Domingo. The ship Santa Maria was destroyed during the December 25, 1492 landing, so the stranded Spaniards stayed and built Fort Christmas. Caonabo attacked this fort in 1493, destroying it and killing the 39 Spaniards commanded by Diego de Arana When Columbus returned, he found the fortress destroyed and the inhabitants killed. The following year, Caonabo also tried to attack the fortress of St. Thomas, but was defeated by Alonso de Ojeda and made a

prisoner. Caonabo was sent to Spain and died during the voyage. His body was thrown into the sea.

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