MARTHA JEAN-CLAUDE nicknamed Mamita by the Cubans. Diva. Made her debut at Rex Theatre with Emerante de Pradines in 1942. Known for Dodo Titit, Pral Mare Yon Lalo, Marasa Elou, Nostalgie Haitienne, Yon Sel Badyo, etc. Arrived in Cuba in 1958. Played alongside the famous Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen and the great American singer Nat King Cole. Created Fondation Culturelle Martha Jean-Claude in 1996 to strengthen the relations between the Haitians and the Cubans. Known for her latest creations: Soy una mujer de dos islas, Kriminel gran bwa, Vieux coin, Mi fui de mi pais, Nostalgia Haitiana, Invitation al vodou, etc.

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