Professional violonist.  Master of Music Degree in Violin Performance and Fulbright Grant recipient from The Julliard School 1987.  Graduated with honors in music and violin performance from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 1982. Founder of the Haitian Foundation for Musical Development (HCMD) 1996, which later became the non-profit Walenstein Musical Organization 1995.   Some of the programs of the Walenstein Musical Organization include: the Walenstein Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Walenstein International Annual Music Competition, and the Walenstein Professional Symphony Orchestra. Founder of the Fondation Haitienne pour le Developpement de la Musique Classique and the Victorian School 1991. Performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Tanglewood 1976.   Member of the Holy Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra. Taught music at Saint Vincent’s and Holy Trinity Schools 1983-1985.


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