Adbaraya Toya aka Victoria Montou is originally from the Kingdom of Dahomey currently Benin. She was a midwife, a warrior and a healer. She trained others in the art of war, including

Haiti’s founding father. As the power of the Kingdom of Dahomey was shared by a council of men and a council of women, Abdaraya Toya was part of the council of women for kingdom. She was abducted and brought to Haiti. Her date of birth is unknown but Tante Toya died in 1805. Tante Abadaraya Toya was an enslaved African woman who worked with her prominent nephew on the same plantation before the Haitian revolution. At her death, Emperor Janjak Desalin (Jean Jacques Dessalines) held a state funeral with a procession of his generals and soldiers together with his empress, Marie Claire Félicité Guillaume Bonheur paying homage to the legendary warrior.

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