For Haiti,
For the Ewo Lakay,
For the children of 1804,

We are pleased to launch ELAP 1804 which we are hoping will constitute our First Virtual Haitian Global Village.

ELAP1804 will house:

  1. Haitians born in Haiti and abroad; and
  2. Children of Haitians born abroad.

The time has come for Haiti to be re-introduced to the world!  Scattered over the world, ELAP1804 will be the common platform for Haitians born in and out of Haiti outside of all GOVERNMENTS, POLITICS, POLITICAL PARTIES AND RELIGIONS.

ELAP1804 is the website where Haitians will be listed in a manner as to keep all of us first informed about our achievements in Haiti and around the world.

ELAP1804 celebrates Haiti and Haitians only.

Haiti and Haitians will regain respect and dignity as a people because individual victories will be gathered there to represent us in a juster and verifiable manner.

ELAP 1804 aims at utilizing our resources – human and financial – to touch the lives of Haitians in Haiti and abroad by bringing together all the children of Haiti around what matters most to us: Haiti for and with Haitians only.

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